Fast Four is SuiteCloud International Partner of the Year

23 April, 2017


Fast Four was named ‘SuiteCloud International Partner of the Year’ at the NetSuite conference SuiteWorld 2017 in Las Vegas. This i a recognition for our efforts to deliver SuiteApps that complete the NetSuite offering for a number of regions.



ERP FastForward has been a NetSuite SDN partner for 5 years and is also a 5 Star Solution Provider. Founded in 2012 by a customer, with the purpose of creating a market for NetSuite in their home region before NetSuite had any presence there. They are a trailblazer in Cloud software for both NetSuite implementations and SuiteApp development and are a company that created a true multi-national partnership with us, with over 100 joint customers to prove success.


Note: on 1 december 2017 the name of ERP FastForward was changed in Fast Four.

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