How to Automatically Reconcile Online Payments in NetSuite

1 November, 2021
Event date: 18 November, 2021, 14:00


Over the past decade, the e-commerce market size has increased tenfold on a global scale and sales are projected to grow to 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022. As the value continues to rise, so too do customer expectations – at every touchpoint.

So, while we as businesses navigate a competitive, technology-driven, mass-purchasing landscape, how do we keep up with consumer demand while ensuring orders are fulfilled, customers are satisfied and one-way, two-way, or multi-way reconciliations are processed properly in our systems?

NetSuite lays excellent foundations, and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) such as Ayden, Stripe, Shopify & WorldPay, are also key in facilitating a straightforward payment experience to customers. Nonetheless, we know too well that challenges can arise with high volume processing and multi-way reconciling.

With Black Friday on the horizon, join Sales Director, Jurian van Maanen, and SuiteApp Specialist, Tereza Yöndemli, as they talk you through PSP integrations and reconciliation, with a live demo of our native solution for NetSuite: Bank Reconciliation.

What We’ll Cover:

  • NetSuite for E-Commerce
  • Industry Challenges of PSP Integrations
  • Bank Reconciliation Solution
  • Live Demo
  • Pricing & Q&A
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