NetSuite for digital commerce

In an industry where growth is required in your sleep, and speed, customer experience, international expansion, and margin are all topics of conversation before your morning coffee, you need a platform which removes slow and duplicate processes, and gives you the visibility you need to drive strategic decisions.

Why digital commerce
companies love NetSuite

It removes the things which slow their business down day-to-day

Unifying inventory, order, customer, and financial data in one system which includes comprehensive workflow functionality means you can get things from A-to-B, C, D, or Z with less manual entry and better visibility.

“Multi’s” are standard functionality, in fact it’s better with more

Multi-company, multi-country, multi-language and localized legislative compliance are all standard, and still managed from one core system. Wherever and however you expand, NetSuite can easily incorporate it, and quickly.

Best-in-class integrations to industry leading platforms

Sure, NetSuite can manage everything, but if you need to use other solutions for certain functionality, such as e-Commerce, or retail POS solutions, we can integrate them to remove duplicate data entry and manual effort.

Customer cases

Learn from those that
came before you

Fast Four NetSuite solutions for
digital commerce companies

Combining the world’s #1 Cloud ERP platform, with our disruptive, pioneering approach, we have implemented NetSuite for some of the fastest growing, and most recognisable, brands in Europe, including: BALR., Dopper, Secrid, Bugaboo, Opposuits, and Komrads to name a few.

From channel management (Amazon, e-commerce etc.), to 3-way invoice matching; export documentation, to payment gateway reconciliations; or, consignment stock, to last-mile logistics, we have everything you need to implement the system you require to drive the next phase of your growth.

About NetSuite

Quick. Scalable.
Aligned with your ambitions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems – as the very name suggests, have been specifically developed to manage the resources in your enterprise.

Since its inception as the first cloud-based ERP solution in 1998, NetSuite has been developed to tackle the most common challenges to growth: unnecessary manual effort, and lack of visibility of critical data.

Incorporating inventory, order-management, CRM and financials in one unified system, digital commerce companies all over the world have grown revenue, expanded into new territories and added new product lines, without needing to proportionately increase staff numbers, due to the improvements in processing and reporting.

Fast Four has helped many Digital Commerce companies become future proof, including:

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