NetSuite for manufacturing

The future is now for manufacturers, and ‘fast’ is the new ‘big’. Lines are blurred between consumers, distributors, retailers and post-sales service providers, and regardless of how well you make something, people still want it quickly, and they want visibility of the process as you go. What you need is a platform to create a joined up approach and remove the hassle from each stage of your process.

Why manufacturing
companies love NetSuite

You can function like an e-Commerce company, but still manage your production properly

Managing everything from components to invoicing in the same system means that your end-to-end process is seamless. Production and procurement are linked to sales, order status is easily visible, and invoicing is driven by, the way it should be.

Managing multiple locations, languages and currencies is simple

Manufacturing today usually means buying, selling and producing in a global marketplace. NetSuite’s leading cloud infrastructure, coupled with its ability to manage multiple companies, currencies and languages as standard makes it the perfect platform.

Off-the-shelf integration options to industry specific solutions

Ok, so we love NetSuite and like to get it doing as much as we can. If however, you need to integrate your CAD solution, time & attendance, or even your production management system, we can we can do that as well to prevent duplicate entry, or bottlnecks.

Customer cases

Our production line
of happy customers

Fast Four NetSuite solutions for
manufacturing companies

Our business is about helping our customers to thrive in a digital world. Our dynamic approach is driven from years of experience in traditional businesses, combined with unrivalled technical expertise, and a hunger to make things quicker, better and easier for businesses, by unlocking the power of modern technology.

Specializing in MRP,  inventory planning, production scheduling, sales, procurement, and financial management we have implemented NetSuite for some of the most innovative manufacturers in Europe, including: Autarco, Secrid, OHiS, and Komrads to name a few.

About NetSuite

Less time on admin.
More time on production.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems – as the very name suggests, have been specifically developed to manage the resources in your enterprise.

Since its inception as the first cloud-based ERP solution in 1998, NetSuite has been developed to tackle the most common challenges to growth: unnecessary manual effort, and lack of visibility of critical data.

Incorporating inventory, order-management, MRP, works orders, CRM and financials in one unified system, manufacturing companies all over the world have harnessed the power of NetSuite to keep up with customer demands in today’s digital world. Don’t get left behind.

Fast Four has helped many Manufacturing companies in the Benelux move into the cloud, including: 

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