Fast Four services transitioned to Novutech

All ERP services have been transitioned to Novutech as of February 1st, 2023. Click here to learn more about what they offer.

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Why you need an
ERP system, and fast…


‘The way we’ve always done it’ becomes slow and inefficient as your business grows and becomes more complex. Things take too long, staff become frustrated and customers feel the pain.


Don’t hire the best people to make them fill in spreadsheets. Make things easier for your people, keep them engaged and empower them to add value and drive growth in your business.


More money, more problems – are we right? As you grow, make sure you can truly analyse your cashflow and implement processes to proactively shorten your cash conversion cycle.


No more guessing, or gut feel. Complete, live business analysis, tailored KPIs and personalised dashboards ensure evidence-based strategic decisions moving forward.

The right technology
implemented the right way

How we work

Business first, Systems second.

The right ERP solution is about more than just the software. Implementing NetSuite with Fast Four is not just about putting a system in place to meet a requirements list, it’s about your approach to business.

For us, a system implementation is a collaborative relationship lasting years beyond the initial implementation. We give you a system to help you grow, and then we help to keep that system optimum for you as your business evolves. Sure, everyone makes the same promises but we will tell you how we do it, plus, our customers say it too.

1 Get aligned Get aligned

Our favourite question is ‘why?’. We understand what you want to achieve, analyse where you are currently, and collaborate to map out the best solution in the context of our software.

2 Make a plan Make a plan

Depending on your goals, timelines, priorities and resources we develop a structured plan to implement the solution you need, both for the immediate and longer term.

3 Execute Execute

Our experienced team of consultants and project managers execute the project plan with your team in pre-defined sprints, including system walkthroughs, user training and acceptance testing.

4 Go-Live Go-Live

Our implementation team remains on-site throughout go-live to ensure everything goes smoothly and your team has the safety net of having an expert in the office to quickly resolve any queries in this critical stage.

5 Optimize Optimize

Combining remote support with a dedicated customer success manager, development capabilities and off-the-shelf SuiteApps we ensure that your system continues to function optimally as your business continues to evolve.

Why NetSuite

We love NetSuite. And so should you

The thing we love most about NetSuite is that we rarely have to say ‘no’ to a customer who wants to drive their business forward. The software’s interface and single-database gives us an unrivalled platform to implement an extensive, practical, and easy to use solution which will drive positive activity throughout your business.

Customer cases

Learn from those that came before you

It’s time to start moving forward

Every business has their own way of doing things, but having delivered hundreds of solutions since 2012, we know how to deliver a solution which gives you the platform you need to drive your business.

Exciting news: Fast Four & Zone and Co are now one team! Learn more