NetSuite Development

When ‘off-the-shelf’ doesn’t quite fit

Whatever you need NetSuite to do, we can make it happen! Whether you require one of our award winning SuiteApps to automate a basic process, or you need NetSuite to work differently to suit your specific needs, we have the right team, right here, to make it work.

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More than 750 Customers Globally use our Apps and development services to make NetSuite do what they need it to.

What we do

Making the world’s #1 cloud ERP work just for you

We are not in this to reinvent any wheels, or to create a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist. What we can do though, and we’re great at it, is take a world-leading platform and make it do the few specific things which you need it to do, in order for your business to work the way your business should work. It’s not an exact science but we like to operate on the 80/20 rule, in so much as we can do the final 20% if it’s needed.

What’s more, we do it all under one roof, no outsourcing. So, if you need some bespoke work, our consultants work directly with our in-house developers, as a part of the same project team, to ensure a consistent approach and solution which matches the requirement. 

  • NetSuite Integrations
  • Custom Screens, Records, Buttons & Processes
  • Automating Unnecessary Manual Processes
  • Creation of Bespoke Industry Specific Modules

How we do it

Custom functionalities within the existing interface

Formed in 1998 as the world’s first cloud-based ERP solution, NetSuite’s core database, infrastructure and development platform is the most mature on the market. Working in a restricted layer of the system above the core database, our certified developers can create anything you require within the system which looks, feels and works like it is part of the core system. What’s more, it automatically upgrades along with the core system.  

Customer case

Consolidating shipping records

One of our customers approached us with a problem. They were combining multiple orders into one shipment, and as standard NetSuite did not enable the business to manage the process specifically as they needed it to. They wanted to be able to mark all these orders shipped from 1 single shipment whilst managing the details of each individual order separately. They also wanted to communicate this one shipment to their carrier to receive the shipping labels

The solution

A consolidated shipment record to which the customer can connect multiple orders. All the information is consolidated on the CSR to allow singular communication with the shipping carrier. Any other tasks can also be done from here with the click of a button (like updating the shipping status on all underlying orders). The result? Saving hours of manual work on a daily basis.

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So, you have goals for what you want to achieve and you know that you need to do things better in order to get there? Let’s start with that. 

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