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All ERP services have been transitioned to Novutech as of February 1st, 2023. Click here to learn more about what they offer.

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We have implemented NetSuite at over 80 companies in the Benelux, including:

The #1 NetSuite implementation
partner in the Benelux

The original and most experienced NetSuite provider in the Benelux, working with 750+ NetSuite customers globally.

How we implement

Pragmatic, Honest and Agile

Regardless of your business size, we know that you need things done quickly, but properly. Rather than trying to get every wish list item perfect on day one, we focus on addressing key challenges, driving positive changes, and giving you a future-flexible platform.

Our agile approach means that, on-average, our clients are live, using their system to improve critical business functions within 3-6 months of sign-off, ensuring a quick return on investment and a structured approach to the long-term evolution of their combined business and technology strategy.

Read more about the different steps in our implementation process below:

1 Get aligned Get aligned

Our favourite question is ‘why?’. We understand what you want to achieve, analyse where you are currently, and collaborate to map out the best solution in the context of our software.

2 Make a plan Make a plan

Depending on your goals, timelines, priorities and resources we develop a structured plan to implement the solution you need, both for the immediate and longer term.

3 Execute Execute

Our experienced team of consultants and project managers execute the project plan with your team in pre-defined sprints, including system walkthroughs, user training and acceptance testing.

4 Go-Live Go-Live

Our implementation team remains on-site throughout go-live to ensure everything goes smoothly and your team has the safety net of having an expert in the office to quickly resolve any queries in this critical stage.

5 Optimize Optimize

Combining remote support with a dedicated customer success manager, development capabilities and off-the-shelf SuiteApps we ensure that your system continues to function optimally as your business continues to evolve.

The Agile Methodology

Why choose an agile NetSuite implementation?

Going “Agile” as Fast Four has been one of our best decisions. The success rate of our projects has highly increased and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

The approach allows for more flexibility, decreases the complexity of the project, and tackles one of the main causes of implementation failure, adoption, by focusing heavily on collaboration between the partner and ‘key users’ on the customer side throughout every phase of the project.

the agile process in practice

  • Work is divided into “Sprints”. These are intervals of 2-3 weeks in which the combined project team works on a defined set of tasks.
  • The scope of a sprint is agreed upon at the start of the sprint, by both parties to ensure goals and expectations are aligned.
  • At the end of each sprint there is demo session to show the progress that has been made and ensure that things are on track and visible.
  • We advise and configure, the customer tests and validates ongoing, and working closely, on defined outcomes gets things done.

Customer cases

Learn from those who
came before you

Why Fast Four

Well, two reasons: our people, and our approach.

Our people have been recruited strategically based on their qualifications and experience – predominantly in accounting and business processes first, and technology second. We then continually invest in formal training with NetSuite and other industry bodies, combined with our own internal training and collaborative learning to ensure our team remains at the forefront of their industry, giving you peace of mind that we know what we’re talking about. 

Secondly, our agile approach ensures you have control and visibility of a project which gets you using the system quickly. So, you’re not waiting for months, drowning in a sea of vague milestones before you know whether or not things are working. 

Why NetSuite

Pioneering, industry leading technology

Founded in 1998 as the world’s first cloud based ERP solution, NetSuite continues to lead the way in the ERP and Financial Management Software market. With a 15 year head start on all major competitors and continuous investment in R&D and data centres, we are convinced it still is the best platform out there for any growing business.

We believed in NetSuite so much that we quit our day jobs to become the first solution provider in the Benelux in 2012, today, it remains the only solution we sell, and we are even more convinced about it now than we were in 2012.

What NetSuite say about us…

“Fast Four was Founded in 2012 by Hylke, a NetSuite customer back then, with the purpose of creating a market for NetSuite in their home region before NetSuite had any presence there, and quickly became a 5 star solution provider. They are a trailblazer in Cloud software for both NetSuite implementations and SuiteApp development and are a company that created a true multi-national partnership with us, with over 500 joint customers to prove success.” 

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