Accounts Payable (AP) Automation for NetSuite

Scan & Capture was developed specifically for NetSuite, natively in NetSuite, and in collaboration with NetSuite customers who wanted to:

  • Remove manual entry
  • Eliminate errors in their bills and credits
  • Manage the process in NetSuite with no need for third-party interfaces or databases
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Why 500+ NetSuite customers
opted for Scan & Capture

It’s native, and only for NetSuite

There is no need to leave your NetSuite screen, no new interfaces to learn or external databases to integrate. So, it looks and feels like you’re just using standard NetSuite (because you are!), plus all existing customisations and workflows are supported as standard.

It’s easy to use and has great features

So, the whole point is to make things easier, right? All transactions are created automatically using OCR and AI, we have three-way matching including a red/amber/green status, split-screen to view documents within the corresponding transaction, and a transaction dashboard – all in NetSuite.

It’s affordable and simple to get going

A major advantage to automating AP is reducing the associated admin costs. So, what’s the point in paying a massive software fee for the privilege? With Scan & Capture you pay a small one-off fee of for our standard installation and training, thereafter you pay on a monthly basis for the number of pages scanned. Easy!

Automate the Creation of Bills & Credits

OCR, Auto-Learning & e-Invoicing

Combining Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with auto-learning technology (AI), Vendor Bills & Credits received as PDF documents are created automatically to line-level detail within NetSuite. The app is trained to recognise factors such as vendor layout, transaction date, PO reference and amount, meaning that users are not required to create transactions, populate data or even leave their NetSuite screen. As a result, administration is reduced by 83% on average and errors are eliminated from the process.

e-Invoices are also easily managed using XML imports meaning that you can embrace this technology immediately and in the future as it becomes more widely used.

streamline approvals & postings

PO Matching, Line-level Recognition &
Vendor Auto-Processing

Automate three-way PO Matching, including multiple orders within one consolidated bill. Line-level recognition means that costs can be allocated correctly at the line item level, even over multiple pages, with no manual entry or allocation required. For even greater efficiency, selected vendors can be marked for “auto-processing” meaning that their bills are automatically passed for approval with no manual intervention.

Enhance Your Current NetSuite Processes

Capture All Fields and Extend Existing
NetSuite Workflows & Customisations

As Scan & Capture is native, everything you capture is driven by your NetSuite setup. Where other apps operate externally to NetSuite are potentially limited using their own fields, data structures and approvals within their own database, Scan & Capture operates completely within NetSuite. This means that you can confidently use or enhance existing customisations, additional fields or approval workflows without having to worry about external integrations or compatibility with third party formats. Your NetSuite, Your Data, Your Way.

see everything you need to

Transaction Dashboard, Split-Screen View
& Full Audit-Trail

There is no need to leave the NetSuite screen or navigate external software to view relevant transactions and documents. Users, Approvers and Auditors can quickly and easily view the NetSuite transaction alongside the actual document in our unique split-screen view. Plus, standard NetSuite System Notes provide a full audit trail of any changes made to the transaction record, so you can literally see everything you need to know within your NetSuite screen.

Our transaction dashboard also provides a simple overview of transactions by status to allow users to quickly progress and complete tasks and move on to their next job.

Whitepaper: Native AP automation in NetSuite

  • The differences between “Native” “Hybrid” and “Integrated” SuiteApps
  • 9 advantages of Accounts Payable automation in NetSuite (and why Native is best)
  • 12 questions to ask when considering an AP automation solution
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