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Bank Account Reconciliation made fast and easy

Automatically reconcile your bank account within minutes and save hours of manual processing every day. No hassle, no manual entry and no errors.

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Over 750 customers worldwide are using Fast Four SuiteApps solutions to get the most out of NetSuite, including:


What is Fast Four
Bank Reconciliation?

The Bank Reconciliation SuiteApp from Fast Four will save you hours of processing bank transactions in NetSuite, every day. Rather than manually entering and matching every bank transaction line by line, this SuiteApp automatically creates and reconciles everything in one step within NetSuite.

  • Reconcile your Bank Accounts in Minutes, Save Hours Every Day. 
  • Automate any Area of Your Business Where You Manually Reconcile Transactions 
  • Affordable, Easy to Install & Easy-to-Use
  • Manage multiple companies, bank accounts, cards, currencies and e-payment providers
  • Reconcile Credit Cards & Payment Gateways Including PayPal & Stripe
  • Direct Debit Reversals & Multi-Line Journals 
  • Fast reconciliation by customisation of parameters for auto-matching
  • Click of a Button Resolution to Complex Scenarios

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How does it work?

Using various criteria, you can auto-match everything from invoices and credits, to prepayments and expense reports based on an upload of your statement, or a transaction feed directly from your bank. Whether you manage multiple subsidiaries, bank accounts, cards, currencies or payment providers this app can automate any area of your business where you currently need to manually reconcile payments made or received.  

Due to the speed and ease of completing the bank reconciliation using this SuiteApp, most of the 300+ NetSuite customers using the app reconcile within minutes every day to ensure their business-critical reporting is live and accurate.


Flexible and affordable

Our Bank Reconciliation SuiteApp is purchased as an annual subscription, similar to NetSuite, with a one-time fee for implementation. Our pricing is calculated by the number of bank accounts you wish to manage, based on multiples of 10. We also have an unlimited option available upon request.

  • One-time Remote Installation Fee: €1,250
  • Annual Software License per 10 bank Accounts: €1,100
  • Options to Include Unlimited Accounts. Contact us for more info

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