Fast Four Credit Card Import

Reduce manual entry and eradicate errors by automating the creation and reconciliation of credit card statements within NetSuite. Simply upload single, or multiple card statements via CSV import and let our app do the rest!

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What is Fast Four
Credit Card Import?

The Credit Card Import app allows you to import statements with the use of a single tool for easy creation of credit card transactions. The App is NetSuite certified and NetSuite native, meaning it seamlessly integrates into your NetSuite.

  • Simplify processing of credit card transactions: handle an entire statement on one page
  • Increase productivity: easily select the GL account and a vendor (if applicable)
  • Match the statement balance with the NetSuite balance for easy reconciliation
  • Import CSV credit card statements to eliminate manual entry and reduce errors
  • Create custom matching rules for quick processing (with our assistance)
  • Support for NetSuite classifications: department, class and location

Demo video

How does it work?

Fast Four Credit Card import can be activated by installing a SuiteBundle containing all the required functionalities. After installation of the bundle a credit card configuration is created based on the information in your provided credit card file. CSV import files are supported out of the box. Integration with your credit card provider is available upon request and at an extra charge.

For a closer look at the application, see the demo video below.


Simple and affordable

Our Credit Card import is sold as an annual subscription, with a one-time installation fee to ensure you hit the ground running. The software pricing is calculated based on the number of cards you wish to reconcile, sold in multiples of 10. If you have a high volume of cards (lucky you!) speak to us about our unlimited options.

  • One-time Remote Installation Fee: €1,250
  • Annual Software License: €1,100

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