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Securely and easily move files in and out of NetSuite

The Fast Four secure file transfer app is the user friendly solution for establishing a connection to your SFTP server. Easily configured via the NetSuite interface, no coding required.

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Over 750 customers worldwide are using Fast Four SuiteApps solutions to get the most out of NetSuite, including:

What is Fast Four SFTP?

The native NetSuite Secure File Transfer app

Most commonly used to automate bank statement imports, or payment file exports, securely from NetSuite, our sFTP SuiteApp provides a secure interface to link NetSuite to an external sFTP location based on pre-defined formats, routines and permissions.

Beyond secure banking, our sFTP connector offers secure connections to any external source or software with an sFTP file location and compatible import or export format. 

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How does it work?

We support bank feeds via an SFTP exchange. This can be configured with the use of our SFTP SuiteApps. It automatically processes any file that is loaded from the SFTP server, giving you a fully automated processing flow. 

Besides bank connectivity, the SFTP connector can be used for any other use case, like integrating with an external warehouse or an automated upload of vendor prices. 

For a closer look at the application, feel free to watch the introductory webinar recording below, or simply reach out for a personalized demo! 


Simple and affordable

It’s easy, you buy our software as an annual subscription which includes support and updates (just like NetSuite). And, to make sure your app works as you need it to from day one, we charge a one-off implementation fee to carry out a remote installation and walk-through at a time suitable to you!

  • One-time Remote Installation Fee: €1,250
  • Annual Software License: €1,100

FAQ – Secure File Transfer (SFTP)

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