Meet our crew!

They know what they’re talking about, love a good challenge, are committed to your success and… last but not least: are genuinely nice people. So, without any further ado, let us introduce you to our team!

A merry band of tech
and business experts

Ashlee Nordstrom

Sales SpecialistAustralia
  • 10+ years’ experience in Accounting & Financial
  • 3+ years of NetSuite experience
  • Enjoys spending time with her family at the beach
  • Is a queen of making cheesecakes (yummy!)
  • Loves a challenge and growing her knowledge base

Rathi Pandian

SuiteApps SpecialistThe Netherlands
  • 9 years of experience in sales operations and customer service. Primarily in IT and Automation industry.
  • She is a bookworm and especially into Harry Potter (a true Potterhead)!

Joris Teulings

Sales Director ERPThe Netherlands
  • 25 years of sales experience, 20 in software sales
  • Background in Business Admin and computer science
  • A true `brabander’ who enjoys the good things in life (family, food & carnaval)
  • Passionate community giver and part-time historical finder

Tomáš Hrubý

Support SpecialistCzech Republic
  • 2+ years of NetSuite experience as Technical Support
  • Specialized in Accounting
  • Loves discovering new places on his bike, playing the guitar and is a passionate pool player (“with Czech lagers next to me!”)

Nikki Brown

Solutions ConsultantCincinnati
  • 15+ years experience in Accounts Payable
  • 4+ Years experience as a NetSuite end-user 
  • Has a not-so-secret obsession with the King of Rock n’ Roll!
  • Avid supporter of Cincinnati’s home team

Ivana Benešová

Customer Success ExecutiveCzech Republic
  • 3+ years of NetSuite experience 
  • Specialises in Finance
  • Is a Certified Administration, SuiteAnalytics & Financial user
  • Loves Electronic Dance Music 

Ellen Windhorst

US Business DevelopmentCincinnati
  • Wealth of experience in Sales & Business Development 
  • 5+ years in B2B Sales & Lead Generation 
  • Has a true passion for helping businesses to grow 
  • Lover of all things “true crime” including podcasts, shows & documentaries!

Michal Chovanec

Technical ConsultantCzech Republic
  • 3 years of NetSuite experience
  • SuiteFoundation certified
  • Specialised in Functional and Technical Consulting 
  • Loves anything on two wheels!

Michal Tvrdy

Technical ConsultantCzech Republic
  • 3+ years experience as a NetSuite Tech Consultant
  • Has a wealth of technical NetSuite experience from Advanced PDF to SuiteCommerce
  • Giraffe and book enthusiast!
  • “In my free time you can find me designing my own clothes!”

Gerrit Plette

Senior Project ManagerThe Netherlands
  • 30+ years of experience in ERP implementations
  • 20+ years of experience in ERP project management
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Certified Prince2 Project Manager
  • Enjoys ice skating and mountain biking

Tony Brown

Application SpecialistOhio
  • 5+ years of NetSuite Experience
  • Built his own house
  • Owns a canoe rental business and hopes to hike the Appalachian trail one day


Lee Elsheimer

NetSuite DeveloperCzech Republic
  • 2+ years NetSuite experience, previously worked as a technical curriculum developer at NetSuite
  • SuiteAnalytics and PSM1 certified
  • Originally from Florida. He enjoys reading sci-fi, playing chess, and spends most of his free time building legos with his son

Harmen van den Berg

Functional ConsultantThe Netherlands
  • 5+ years of experience in Finance & Accounting
  • Previously worked as NetSuite Education and Financial Consultant
  • Certified NetSuite ERP Consultant
  • Can be woken up at 3AM for a round of Disc Golf and a game of chess

Barbora Konôpková

SuiteApps ConsultantCzech Republic
  • Skilled Trainer and former NetSuite Education Consultant
  • Background in Accounts Payable
  • Fluent French speaker and language enthusiast
  • Passionate jazz music singer
  • Loves listening to audiobooks, travelling, and knitting

Sammy Guirguis

Country Manager APACAustralia
  • Computer Engineer with a soft spot for SaaS
  • Was a pioneer of NetSuite in Australia over 17 years ago
  • Loves being a part of a high-performing team environment
  • MMA warrior since the age of 5 and a BBQ connoisseur
  • Contact: +61 (0) 426 236 236

Marcel de Wit

Customer Success ManagerThe Netherlands
  • 3 years of NetSuite and 10+ years of ERP experience
  • Loves the outdoors, windsurfing, cruising around in a VW van, cooking for friends. Tries to take life and himself not too seriously (occasionally succeeding haha)

Filip Lundoloqui

Support SpecialistThe Netherlands
  • Studied Economics and Finance and worked in accounting for 2.5 years
  • Works with NetSuite since 2019 and is specialized in Order to Cash & Procure to Pay
  • Was somewhat of a famous kid, starring in two movies as a child.

Anna Lipiec

Strategic Relationships DirectorThe Netherlands
  • 12 years of NetSuite experience
  • Specialised in WD companies (finance, inventory, supply chain)
  • Loves travelling, learning languages and different cultures and being active (skiing, biking, kitesurfing, tennis)

Younes Ahzas

NetSuite ConsultantBelgium
  • More than 10 years of ERP consultancy and project management experience
  • A true multilingual, multicultural mindset, with no less than 6 flavours to choose from whenever chatting with him ;-): French, Dutch, English, Arab, German and Spanish!

Anita Stamenkovska

Application SpecialistMacedonia
  • 2+ years of NetSuite
  • Specialised in design, configuration, and testing of system functionalities
  • She is: a 5am person, an artist, genuinely in love with reading (especially popular psychology), loves working with people who get things done, but also know to have fun ;).

Sebla Puhaloğlu Yeniay

Professional Services ManagerThe Netherlands
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics
  • Nearly 15 years of ERP experience, last 6 years on Netsuite ERP
  • Certified scrum master
  • Loves being in nature and singing! “Always wanted to be a singer but ended up an ERP consultant instead ;)”

Hylke Sluis

Director of OperationsThe Netherlands
  • 10+ years NetSuite experience in various roles
  • Expert in system architecture, solution design and application performance.
  • Was in the Guinness Book of Records for participating in the longest indoor Volleyball game EVER (60 hours!)

Leonè Friis

Application SpecialistNew Zealand
  • A wealth of experience in finance, ERP and Agile development
  • In proud possession of an MBA
  • She had a whippet named Nemo, who ended up being somewhat of an escape artist (Finding Nemo)

Radim Sacha

Customer Service ManagerThe Netherlands
  • Previously worked for Oracle’s official Netsuite support
  • Background in E-commerce & Web Development
  • Major sports-fan! Plays basketball for the Eagles in Utrecht and supports ‘the greatest football club in the world’ (his words) – Arsenal!

Justyna Bielak

Application SpecialistThe Netherlands
  • 4 years of experience in the software implementation
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate
  • University degree in Finance, IT and Econometrics
  • Asia travel addict – Always willing to have a cup of matcha in Japan, bubble tea in Taiwan or egg coffee in Vietnam!

Mohamed Khlale

Business DevelopmentBelgium
  • 10+ years of IT Business Development & Sales experience in the BeNeLux region.
  • Is somewhat of a globetrotter: Went backpacking in Australia for 1 year and lived in the UK for more than 8 years, but: “Oost west, thuis best!”

Martine Mulderij

Finance DirectorThe Netherlands
  • Implementing Netsuite since 2013
  • Background in Business Administration
  • Currently responsible for Fast Four Finance & HR departments

Jan Snyers

Managing DirectorBelgium
  • ERP veteran with 8 years of NetSuite experience.
  • On a mission to build Fast Four into the greatest cloud ERP partner and best employer on the planet!
  • Dreams of sailing the Seven Sees and is working on his Navigation License for the North Sea coast.


Sales AssociateThe Netherlands
  • Edwin has a super divers background in sales, operational IT, process-management, trading, and HR.
  • Is an aquarium-fanatic and true family-man

Julia Khan

SuiteApps Sales ManagerThe Netherlands
  • 5+ years of tech experience
  • Loves how her role allows her to connect with so many interesting companies
  • Enjoys exploring new places (and new food!), spinning and pilates classes and being able to cycle everywhere in Amsterdam

Su Byrne

Application SpecialistThe Netherlands
  • Originally qualified as an Electrical Engineer
  • A champ at delivering projects to strict deadlines
  • 2020 made her appreciate how important it is to be able to travel again – “Seeing family in the UK, visiting Scotland & the Greek Islands is top of my list!”

Jurian van Maanen

Sales Marketing DirectorThe Netherlands
  • Working with NetSuite since 2009 – First as a user, then as a consultant and now selling it.
  • Loves anything involving integrations and digital commerce
  • Big travel fanatic and in proud possession of his motor cycle license as of 2020!

Anoosha Voorbach

Office ManagerThe Netherlands
  • With Fast Four for 3 years, focusing of financial administration and office management
  • Background in business administration and psychology
  • Travelled extensively – Lived and worked in 3 countries – originally from South Africa, so will never say no to a braai

Tereza Yöndemli

SuiteApps SpecialistThe Netherlands
  • Certified NetSuite Administrator
  • Previously worked as an Education Consultant for NetSuite and other ERP solutions
  • She speaks (almost) 5 languages fluently and is a big fan of mystery books

Teodora Trifunovska

Application specialistMacedonia
  • BSc in economics (Financial management)
  • Loves singing and producing music

Wesley de Ruig

Junior Functional ConsultantThe Netherlands
  • 3 years of NetSuite experience 
  • Specialised in Warehouse set-up and Operations Management
  • Enjoys kickboxing and is looking to enter the ring as soon as possible!


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